Foundation Phase:Home learning

A message for children 
Happy New Year my little superstars. I hope you had a lovely Christmas and that Santa brought you lots of books and pens! We should be back to school today and I wanted us to start the new year going over our letters. I’m afraid you will have to do it at home instead. The good thing about working from home though is that it’s nice and warm and you can have playtime and snacks whenever you want! 
A message for parents
Happy New Year. The letters are grouped by shapes to help the children draw them. We will start with the curly letters. Once the c is the right way around all the other curly letters are easy. There are step by step instructions on the pdf. If your child becomes anxious please stop and try again later. Please do not give them an eraser. All efforts are fine. We can look back on the previous efforts and see how far we have come. If you would rather go outside to make letters in the mud or snow, great. If you prefer to work in flour on the kitchen table, great. Whatever suits you and your child. I DON’T MIND! Just have fun. When the fun stops STOP!