Foundation Phase

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Home Learning January 2021

Here are the worksheets and photos in pdf. Please see your SeeSaw and Purple Mash accounts for explanations, personalised messages and tasks. You can message me on SeeSaw if things are getting tricky! Have fun.

The Weather week beg 18 jan 2021 This is our basic plan. I will  set activities on Zoom and add extra tasks to your Purple Mash. You will find all the sheets and photos have been posted on your SeeSaw as they are for use in our school and not for general publishing. If you need any help, please email and I will send you pdf copies. Thanks SJ

The Gingerbread Man week beg 11th jan


curly letters week 1


Shape Bear Activity Sheets

Snakes and Ladders Addition to 20 Board Game Board Game


This is our alternative Christmas performance. We read the Twinkl Christmas Story, then created a voice over. We hope you enjoy this. Hopefully we will be performing live again next year!

Diwali. We used chalk to make a rangoli pattern on the playground. We practised using shape and colour names in Welsh. We played an accompaniment  to a Diwali song using our musical instruments,  then we Banghra danced around our pattern. What a great afternoon!

We listened to the story of Rama and Sita. We liked the idea of a monkey army. Here is Miss Jesson’s super monkey army!

Our socially distanced Remembrance Service 11 am on November 11th.


7th October

Year 1 used all the old crayon stubs in our class to make new crayons. Tomorrow we are going to pop them out of the moulds and use them in our craft project. We will let you know how we get on.

June 15th – Sun Safety

15th June Sun Safety

June 20201st-June-2020.pdf

Here is the work for this week. Something went wrong with the IT yesterday so it didn’t send. You will be pleased to know that I have had a few quiet minutes with a hammer and showed the computer what happens when it only does half a job. The computer now understands how angry I am and I can pretty much guarantee it will not be behaving badly again!


Please click on the picture below to find lots of projects for Early Years. You can work as a whole family or by yourself.

Here are a few challenges for you to try as a family. Taken from our ‘Have a Go’ pack.

Here is a simplified plan of what we would have been doing over the next few weeks in class. Please feel free to try any of the activities and send your photos (not videos) to [email protected] and I will upload them to the HOME LEARNING page. Have fun x

April 28th


April 23rd Here are some new activities for you.

Hickory Dickory April 23rd

April 23rd Year 1 and 2

March 27th 2020

End of week 1. I have uploaded more games and activities to your Purple Mash account. Go on to Seesaw and I have sent you a message with log in details in case you have forgotten. Don’t forget that Joe Wickes is doing on line PE and it is lots of fun.

Take care everyone, from Miss Jesson

March 18th 2020

If school is closed, here are some ideas to keep you busy!

My diary Write what happened to you today. What did you watch? What did you see out of the window? What did you read?

Book Review Don’t forget to include:

Title, Author, Illustrator, Best bits, star rating,

Tv Programme Review Don’t forget to include:

Title, Channel, Actors, Best bits, star rating,

Wordbank Use a dictionary or storybook to find words related to a topic you enjoy. (Space, fairies, pirates, trucks – you choose)

Dictionary Choose a letter and think of all the words you can beginning with that letter. You can draw if you can’t spell yet.

Junk modelling  Build an amazing robot or chocolate Easter Egg machine, it’s up to you.

Food Diary  Draw a chart in your book and keep counting all the veggies you eat. Don’t forget “Eat Them To Defeat Them!”

You could also try on all your old clothes! If thet are too small, pop them in a bafg for recycling at school. If you have any dressing up outfits, please send them in to our class for the dressing up box.

If you want to send me photos of you working and having fun at home, please send emails to [email protected] and I will try and send replies

Keep safe everyone x


The Christmas Story by Reception and Year 1. We hope you enjoy our movie.



Watch our video showing you how to make mini Christmas cakes.


Click on the text above to see our slideshow



Here’s a lovely video of Year 1 showing you how to ask ‘How are you?’





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Nursery and Reception Taster Sessions 2019.

The following sessions have been arranged:

Taster session 1 = Thursday 27th June 2019 12.45-3.15

Taster session 2 = Wednesday 3rd July 2019 12.45-3.15

Taster session 3 = Monday 8th July 2019 12.45-3.15

Please let school now if you will be attending any of these sessions.

Thursday 27th June 2019 3.30pm Meeting for all parents who are new to Eyton School in September 

Thank you

Miss Jesson




Each class has a ‘WAGOLL wall’ this shows the children ‘What A Good One Look Like’. When writing postcards or creating a newspaper front page it is always easier if children know what is expected and …what a good one looks like. In Foundation Phase we need a little extra help, so our friend WAGOLL shows us what to do. This is WAGOLL.



Click on the picture above to view our Autumn 2018 pictures.




Click here to see our parents’ guide to Foundation Phase Planning Autumn 2018 . This will give you an idea of the sort of things we will be investigating this term.


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