Junior Librarians

Our Library

Mrs Harrison comes in to school every Thursday to help our children discover the wonderful world of reading!

Each week all our children are encouraged to:

  • Choose their own library book
  • Use the Dewey system to find non-fiction books
  • Learn how books are sorted
  • Share favourite stories and authors
  • Use the computerised system to borrow and return books

Book Mates

Mrs Harrison is ably assisted by Bookmates. The Bookmates have to:

  • Tidy up the library each morning so it is ready for the school day
  • Help children choose books for their class topics
  • Return library books using the Junior Librarian library system
  • Promote reading across the school through creating exciting displays

How can you help?

Unfortunately, in 2016/17 there were 10 books reported missing or lost. 6 books were damaged beyond repair and had to be removed from the library.

During 2017/18 there were 5 books reported missing or lost. 4 books were damaged beyond repair and had to be removed from the library.

Our target for 2018/19 is to have all our books returned safely and in good condition. We will post our final figures in July!

Update 18th July 2019

We have checked the system and there were 4 books lost during the year. This is very unfortunate, but much better than last year. Hopefully in 2019/20 we will have all our books returned safely.

You can help us by:

  • Return your book promptly! If you do not finish reading it, you can always scan it back out again.
  • Keep your library book safe in your bag during transit
  • Keep your library book in a safe place at home away from pets and little brothers and sisters

What happens if I forget my book?

  • Don’t worry, please bring it in as soon as you can
  • We will remind you which book you have on loan each week
  • After three weeks someone will text your parent the title so they can help you look for your book
  • After four weeks you will have a letter showing the title, author and publisher to help you locate the book
  • If you lose a book and cannot find it, please send a note to Mrs Harrison and she will remove the book from the system and mark it as lost. If you lose more than one book you may be asked to replace the book. You can buy the book yourself and send the replacement in to school, or send in the money and Mrs Harrison will order it for you.

Please remember our books are very special and are cared for in school. Please look after them at home and return them so that other children can enjoy them too.