Foundation Phase: Transition Days

Thursday 27th June is the Common Transfer Day when every child in Wrexham visits their new class. 

This year’s Year 2 (Year 3 in September) will be moving up and visiting Mrs Collins’ class. They will need snack and lunch as usual. 

This year’s Nursery (started September 2018 and will be Reception in September) will be joining us for lunch at 12. Please ring school or tell Mrs Antrobus if your child will be having a school lunch or if they will be bringing sandwiches from home. They will then join the rest of the school outside for lunchtime play before starting the afternoon session at 1pm. 

This year’s Early Entitlement (started January and April 2019) will be coming to Nursery at 12.45 as usual. 

New Nursery children (Not been to Eyton School yet) will be coming to  the side gate at 12.45pm 

Please could I remind parents not to come to school earlier than 12.45pm as the teacher’s will still be eating lunch and the gate will be locked for security reasons until 12.45pm.

There will be a variety of activities for the children including playdough and paint so please don’t send them to school in their best clothes. Please could you put a spare pair of pants in their school bag as the excitement of the day and changes to routine may get the better of them!