PTA Minutes March 2022


Minutes of Wednesday 23rd March 2022 in School

Meeting start 7pm

Teachers Present:

Miss Jesson (SJ)

54 children on role

Parents Present (Initials) Child’s name

Mrs Hughes (KH) Seren & Iestyn

Mrs Owens (JO) Leo & Max

Mrs Lambert (RL) Penelope & Rose

Mrs Evans (IE)  Ted

Mrs Ford (NF) Tomos & Elliot

Mrs Joyce (J) William & Isabella


Miss Eastop (HE) Nio & Albie

Mrs Hughes (RH)  Dylan

Mrs Astbury (EA) Bella &Maddie

Mrs Matthews (HM) Harry & Ellie

Mrs Jones (BJ) (Amelia)

Miss Bee (MB)

Mrs Edwards (CE) Vanda (VW) Betsan

Mrs Callaghan (LC) Charlie&Evie




Miss Jesson apologised for the PTA being literally left out in the cold last week (Miss J was ill and hadn’t made alternative arrangements so the school was locked L Sorry)


Jade Owens led meeting as Miss Eastop is no longer in a position to be Chair. JO now Chair. Vice Chair – Rhian Hughes


Gazebo update – Many thanks to Mr Williams and Mr Owens for their hard work putting up the frame. This now need a floor and see through sides. We had a discussion about what the gazebo may finally look like. This will impact on what we buy/provide. We need an idea of what we are aiming for, JO to speak to Mrs Whitgreave to formulate a final plan so that the area can be used.


Benches – put on hold until gazebo is in place.


Fundraising Ideas



Easter Hat Parade

Please make your hat at home with your family. It can be any design. It can be a real hat that is decorated or a paper/card hat that you make from scratch. It’s up to you!

Please bring your £2 to enter on the day. (Hats without £2 can join in the parade, but will not be judged for a prize. Sorry but we need the money for the gazebo.) We will parade around the yard for judging. There is a prize per class. All paid entries will receive a small prize. Parade will be Thursday 7th April.

Easter Raffle – Miss J to send out text reminder.

 Raffle draw Thursday 7th April – Mrs Madsen to put hampers together on Monday.


Jubilee Afternoon Tea

Friday 27th May – limited to 30 as it will be in the hall. 1.30pm-3pm Classes will be providing some forms of entertainment.

First come first served (Not now, when tickets releasedJ)

Performances recorded for those unable to attend (As we did for Xmas)

Jobs for Afternoon Tea – Please see Mrs Owens if these are incorrect

Mrs Jade Owens coordinator

Does anyone have a cake stand we can use?

Mr Jones to be asked to put up bunting

Mrs Joyce – table cloths and cupcakes

Mrs H Matthews – cupcakes

Mrs Lambert – Brownie tray bake

Mrs Evans – traditional tray bake

Miss J – Diamond lemon drizzle shortbread

Mrs Ford – mini quiches

Mrs O & family – sandwiches

Mrs Hughes- sausage rolls


Next meeting Wednesday 11th May 7pm in school

All ideas welcome

Meeting closed 8.30pm.