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We hope you find these websites and ideas useful. Lots to keep children busy, including nightime skywatch!
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Welcome to the Food a Fact for Life Classroom –  our remote learning hub! 

Over the coming weeks, a series of activities and resources will be posted, supporting learning via:

  • everyday experiences;
  • keeping active;
  • finding out and exploring;
  • using worksheets;
  • making the most of interactive games;
  • cooking;
  • being creative. 
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Its International Dark Sky Week!

International Dark Sky Week is a weeklong celebration of the night. This year, IDA is encouraging people around the world to come together online to celebrate the night and engage with authors, creators, scientists, and educators whose works have been vital to the movement to protect the night from light pollution. Explore the universe, learn about life in the dark and explore our shared heritage.

Enjoy short and engaging videos each day, and check out our nighttime activities to do at home!


Home Education Hub

Countryside Classroom is well-placed to help support teachers and parents through the challenges, and opportunities, presented by home education for the great majority of the school-age population. Our Home Education Hub brings together a selection of resources suitable for use at home, divided into indoor and outdoor activities, and which we will be adding to in coming weeks. We are also producing weekly blogs highlighting a selection of resources on a particular theme. So far we have launched Activities for spring, Grow your own and Games, puzzles and easy makes.

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Bitesize KS2 Social and relationship studies

No one ever said home schooling was easy, but just when you think you may be getting into the swing of things….up pops a question you weren’t expecting.

KS2 pupils in particular become more aware of social and religious situations, body changes and relationships. BBC Bitesize has a range of short clips which maybe able to help you when discussing these questions  

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whats happ

Oh no – not a puberty question?!

Usborne ‘Whats happening to me?’ books… 

These sensitive, informative guides to puberty are available for both girls and boys and tackles everything from body image to mood swings, hormones and more. Bright, cartoon-style illustrations and scientific diagrams explain the physical and emotional changes of growing up in a simple and reassuring way, while the contents and index pages make key topics easy to find.

S.T.A.R have developed a series of posters on the topic of healthy relationships. They are targeted at teenagers, signposting them to age-appropriate support and providing information and advice in relation to the following:

  1. Key Ingredients of a Healthy Relationship – Safety, Trust and Respect
  2.  Online Relationships – Consent and Keeping Safe
  3.  Living with Domestic Abuse or in an unhealthy relationship
  4. Coping with past abuse in a period of self-isolation
  5.  Checking Up or Checking In – care or control – information for teenagers who may be perpetrating abuse

Follow this link to our website to access the posters online: Click here


Don’t forget the importance of mental health

The Government have produced guidance documents with advice for parents and carers on looking after the mental health and wellbeing of children or young people during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

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And finally………..


For the answer and more brain teasers – click here

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