On behalf of all the governors, welcome to Eyton Voluntary Controlled Primary School.

Governor Letter to Parents

Governor report to parents

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We are proud of our children and the school community of which they are a part. As a church school we are keen to support the headteacher and all her staff to help create an environment where all can flourish and the children can develop into confident young people based on Christian values. A feature of the school is the way in which each child is treated as an individual and is allowed to progress in this way, all staff have the interests of the children as paramount in their actions.We are grateful for the support of parents and the parent teachers association who also work hard to raise funds to help provide those ‘little extras’ for the school and help to make that family atmosphere which is so important in a small rural school such as Eyton.

To give you a bit more information about who we are.

Many kinds of people choose to become school governors for a variety of reasons. We have governors representing the parents, staff, church (foundation), community and local authority so enabling us to make sure we have people with a spread of skills and expertise. Most governors serve on the governing body for at least three years. We are often looking for new governors so if you are interested at all please let us know.

What do we do?

The role of being a school governor is continually changing, presenting new and exciting challenges for all of us. At the same time, it is a privilege to be in a position of being able to support and encourage the Headteacher and all the staff in the school to continually develop the school and move it forward. Governors give their time, skills and expertise in a voluntary capacity, to help their schools provide children with the best possible education. We are accountable for the strategic direction of Eyton school and for the quality of education provided. Essentially we want to make sure that all children are in an environment, where they can achieve to their potential and that Eyton School is as good as it can be.
The Governing Body has three Key Roles
• To provide a strategic view
• To act as a critical friend
• To ensure accountability
Core Responsibilities of the Governing Body
• Promoting high standards of educational achievement and behaviour
• Setting targets for pupil achievement
• Ensuring that all learners have access to a broad and balanced curriculum
• Determining the aims, policies and priorities of the school
• Determining and monitoring the school’s budget
• Staffing – e.g. staff appointments, performance management
• Providing parents with information regarding the school
• Producing an action plan and monitoring progress following an inspection by Estyn
• The wellbeing and safeguarding of learners

How do we achieve this?

By being as involved in the school as much as we can, some of us can visit school during the day but not all of us. For those who can’t get into school during the day we rely on reports from staff, school council, other governors and outside agencies. We hold regular full governing body meetings but also have three committees which deal with finance, staffing and the curriculum and then report back to the full governing body. We undertake training and development and keep abreast of the latest initiatives and developments in education. We take confidentiality as an important part of our work. Governors have attended parents’ evenings and sharing times and tried to make ourselves as involved as possible in the whole school, including parents. We also take part in learning walks alongside the school council and book scrutinies where we look at a range of children’s books and have a focus such as marking and children’s response to this so enabling us to feel as informed and involved as possible. Whilst there are challenging times ahead, we are also very positive and excited at the prospect of shaping the future of all the children at Eyton School and hope that the children, staff, parents and governors can work together to make Eyton School the very best for all.

If you have any comments, queries or want to become a governor yourself please feel free to get in touch with us via the school office.

Chair of Governors:

Mrs Sandra Jones

 Eyton V.C. Primary School 

Bangor Road,


LL13 0YD

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