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Our 2016 / 2017 Eco-Committee

Please join us!

We are always on the lookout for new ideas and extra helpers to make our school environment an even better place than it is today.

These are some of the areas that we have addressed:

We have paper recycling bins in each classroom.

We recycle cardboard, plastic and cans, clothes, Christmas cards, printer cartridges.

We have a special eco-code to remind us about our environment.

We regularly check that we don’t waste electricity or water.

We visit places of special interest and invite ‘eco-friendly’ people into school.

We produce our own compost.

We produce and sell our own vegetables.

We re-use rain water from our water butt.

We have pressure taps fitted to save on water.

We have new rubbish bins around the school grounds and regularly have litter surveys.

We have a new more economical photocopier and printer that saves on electricity and ink.

We have new energy saving lights throughout the school.

We have new energy saving double glazing fitted throughout the school,

We have regular fund raising events for local and national charities.

We have our very own recycling bank in the gazebo.

We try and re-use all the materials in school.

We try and share lifts to school and walk whenever possible.

We have friends in schools in Nepal and Botswana and we share letters and information with each other.

We celebrate our Welsh culture and are aware of how beautiful and unique our country is.

We have won loads of healthy schools awards and we are a very healthy school and do lots of different sporting and fun activities.

Key Stage Two children have a water bottle station by their classrooms.

We have a water tower in the corridor to top-up our bottles.

We have great outdoor activities to use at break-times.

We have created lots of different habitats around the school, including a huge wildlife area and new orchard.

We have recently planted over a hundred trees and bushes to attract new wildlife.

We participate in national bird watching and plant growing surveys.

We share our progress with the Governing Body.

We tell our parents all about our eco topics and progress that we make.

We display our progress and share it with the local community.


The  list goes on  and  on,  so  please  contact  a  member of  staff  if  you  could  help  us  in  ANY way!