PTA: Info for parents

A meeting was held on Thursday 24th June at the Wynnstay Ruabon. All Covid guidelines followed.


Mrs B Jones, Mrs K Hughes, Mrs J Owens, Miss R Brierley, Miss H Eastop, Miss S Jesson, Mrs E Lambert, Mrs R Hughes

Apologies: Mr Bowers, Mrs C. Edwards, Mrs H. Matthews, Mrs L.Callaghan, Miss M. Bee

1. General discussion about this year. With restrictions it’s been tough! General consensus is to spend some money so the families who have raised it get the benefit. 

2. Halloween packs were good so we will do them for summer. SJ to pass on sun safe pack via email if possible. 40 to be made. 

3. For September: Money boxes. Children to decorate boxes and collect money. Prize for best decorated box. 

4. Quiz. By zoom?

Paper quiz £ 1 for sheet, free entry, hamper prize. 

5. Easy fundraising link. Re launch. 

6. Uniform recycling. Mrs Lambert to collect and sell on. Mrs Lambert to send Miss K the notice for Newsletter.

7. Green house being replaced. Talked about gazebo alternative. Mr Owens to be approached to repair path borders. Mrs Lambert to approach local tradesperson regarding bark to repair garden paths. 

8. Marquee rentals, repairs and renewal discussed. SJ to check dimensions for replacement. 

9. Recruiting for the PTA. Event in September (hopefully)