FYI and more added on the Parents’ Life Hacks page

You will find more information on the Parents’ Life Hacks Page. Go to ‘Useful Information’ and scroll down. Here are some ideas for January from the Wrexham Healthy Schools Team. 

pastedImage.pngSo what to do now that we’re in January? It is a month known for empty bank accounts, tight waistbands, winter vomiting bugs, failed detox regimes and cravings for things we’re trying to give up. Christmas is over and everyone is now back at work, feeling down and dreading the cold, wintry days looming ahead. What can we do to get through the blues? Why not make plans for the coming months, weeks or even the next few days? Organise something you can look forward to. Be creative: watch a movie; listen to music; go for a run. The sun might not be shining – and the lack of sunlight is one factor that’s making us feel sad – but get outside and swing yourself about a bit. It’ll make you feel so much better.

Act positively and dress brightly – even for work. Everything’s so gloomy and dull outside that it’ll make people happy to see someone wearing bright colours. (As if I need an excuse for more clothes…) And, if you’re in work, talk to your colleagues. Smile and be upbeat. 

Here are a few ideas to get you started……..

Chirk Castle January Wellbeing Month :

Ty Pawb :

Wrexham Libraries – Not only can you immerse yourself in books and ebooks for free but they also run some fantastic sessions on site