Dydd Santes Dwynwen

We have been celebrating Saint Dwynwen’s Day today.

She was a princess in the 5th century AD. She wanted to marry Maelon, but her father wanted her to marry a prince. Dwynwen ran away to a forest where, as the story goes, an angel came and gave her three wishes.

Firstly, she wished to be free of Maelon, and he vanished!

Her second wish was that she would never marry.

The third that she wanted to spend her life helping anyone who was in pain through love.

She sailed off in a boat which took her to a little island off Anglesey where Dwynwen established a quiet place. That place is today known as Llanddwyn (Dwynwen’s church). 

Many other girls who’d found God came to Dwynwen on Llanddwyn and a church was built on the island. People would visit, especially if they had troubles with love, to pray to Dwynwen and visit her holy well.

The story of Dwynwen has existed for centuries and people have always made pilgrimages to Llanddwyn. There are still the remains of the church and they hold a service each year.