100 Club is restarting

We are now ready for the first 100 Club draw of the year. If you played last year, your number has been reserved for you. Just send in the £12 and you’ll be ready for September’s draw on Wednesday 30th. Any unpaid numbers by will be given to new players.

The 100 Club has been one of our best fundraising ideas ever and it’s simple.

  • You pay £1 and get a number. (There are 100 numbers)
  • Each month 100 numbers are put in a bag
  • One of our children pulls out a number
  • The owner of the winning number gets £25
  • Second prize is £15
  • Third prize is £10
  • That’s £50 prize money and £50 for Eyton School!(Obviously if we don’t sell all the numbers prize money is reduced, but it is always half the money received.)
  • All money goes towards paying for buses, trips, treats and projects for Eyton school children.

    If you would like to play, please send £12 (for the whole year) to school in an envelope with your name. Please make cheques payable to Eyton School PTA.You can also pay by bank transfer by messaging the PTA through Facebook. Thanks and Good Luck!